Plenary Lecture

Discrete Event Templates for Environment Sustainable Development

Associate Professor Calin I. Ciufudean
“Stefan Cel Mare” Universtity of Suceava
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Department of Automatics and Computers

Abstract: Discrete Event Templates for Environment Sustainable Development expounds upon an important chapter of artificial intelligence; respectively, discrete event systems applied for modeling and simulation of control, logistic supply, chart positioning, conservation and protection of natural resources in order to have a clean and healthy environment capable to ensure a sustainable development of modern global society.
All these factors allow for a new design of artificial social systems dotted with intelligence, autonomous decision-making capabilities, and self-diagnosing properties.
Artificial social systems were defined by Y. Moses and M. Tennenholtz in their work ”Artificial Social Systems,” ”An artificial social system is a set of restrictions on agents’ behaviors in a multi-agent environment. Its role is to allow agents to coexist in a shared environment and pursue their respective goals in the presence of other agents.”
Heuristics techniques, data mining planning activities, scheduling algorithms, automatic data identification, processing, and control represent as many trumps for these new systems’ analyzing formalism.
This lecture aims to provide relevant theoretical frameworks and the latest empirical research findings. Social simulations grounded on solid conceptual models from the social sciences, such as discrete event social simulations, provide a fully traceable implementation of these concepts that readily accommodate the varying timescales in gaining a better understanding of the complex, adaptive system that is society.
The tutorial introduces real, e.g. implemented by the author, approaches and frameworks for modeling and simulation process, kinematic constraints of the trophic closed loop chains as well as modern issues for automatic control of diverse pollution systems.
We challenge the reader to reveal the development stage of social networks appliance upon environmental issues and to anticipate their future evolution in respect to technological and climatic changes.

Brief Biography of the Speaker:
• Academic Positions: Assoc. Professor Ph.D. Eng., Dept. of Automatics and Computers, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, “Stefan cel Mare” University of Suceava, Romania.
• Fields of Scientific Activities: Discrete Event Systems, Complex Measurement Systems, Reliability and Diagnosis of Control Systems, Environmental Management.
• He published 11 books, 14 patents and over 170 scientific papers in conference proceedings and journals.
• Honor Member of the Romanian Society of Electrical & Control Engineering - Member of the Romanian Technical Experts Corp.
• Technical Expert of the Romanian Ministry of Justice.
• President of the Romanian Society of Electrical & Control Engineering, Suceava Branch.
• He is a member of the editorial boards of several international scientific journals and conferences of control systems and electric engineering science. He was designated chairmen at 27 international conferences.