Plenary Lecture

Evolution to LTE Based Public Safety Networks and Services

Professor Michel Kadoch
École de technologie supérieure

Abstract: Emergency services such as ambulances, fire fighters, and police that are the first responders require immediate access to a reliable network. The Public safety communication technologies have been available for decades but offered limited access to voice services. Today the need to more varied services such as voice and data as real time services comprising video, data base access and many other essential information, is crucial for saving more lives. The coming of LTE networks has provided the opportunity to offer such services, but many developments have to be undertaken to make it realizable. The 3GPP as well as researchers are actively working towards these objectives.
Many issues are identified as urgent. These are essentially with respect to Device to device (D2D) communications, and security aspects among other things. Our research work covers these issues as well as bandwidth allocation, broadcast/multicast, cooperative communications, soft frequency reuse and mobile data offloading to improve the capacity of a designated area. Network performance and QoS for Public Safety Network as well as commercial networks are part of many projects.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Michel Kadoch (S’67, M’77, SM’04) ing, M.B.A. Ph.D. is a full professor at Ecole de technologie superieure ETS (Canada) and the director of the Master Program in engineering. He is active in research mostly in performance analysis, network management and control in wired as well as wireless networks. He is the director of the research laboratory LAGRIT at ETS. He is also an adjunct professor at Concordia University (Canada). He is presently working on Cognitive Radio, Network coding, Cross layer, and on Reliable multicast in wireless Ad hoc and Mesh networks and LTE. Professor Kadoch has published many articles and is the author of a book « Protocoles et reseaux locaux » (Edition PUQ, 2012). He is serving as a reviewer for IEEE journals and conferences and for grants for NSERC as well as track TPC for ICCCAS, WiMob. He has been involved for many years at ITU-T as a special rapporteur and with the industry namely Teleglobe Canada, CAE, and Communication Canada. He has been a consultant with Harris, Bell South, BC Tel, Concert and British Telecom UK, as well as the CTO (Commonwealth Telecommunication Organization).