Plenary Lecture

Innovative Energy System, Environmentally Friendly for Thermo-magnetic Appliance

Associate Professor Carmen Vasile
LGECO - Design Engineering Laboratory
INSA - National Institute of Applied Sciences
Strasbourg, France

Abstract: Our aim and the goal of this innovative thermo-magnetic technology is to improve the energy efficiency of our equipments and to preserve our quality of life, by having access to all refrigeration and heating technologies, without damaging the planet.
This innovative energy system is based on the concept of the thermo-magneto effect which will be presented. The description of the prototypes design and the results for temperature span between negative -20°C up to +60°C, will be presented as well.
Energy conversion and thermal exchanges are in the heart of our daily life through the household appliances as fridges, freezers; at home: the air conditioner; in shops: the refrigerated show cases, beverage dispensers, cold room; in the food-processing industry: storage of foodstuffs, cold chain; in companies: industrial process; in motor cars: 90 % of new vehicles integrate an air conditioning system, etc…
For all these applications it is possible to completely eliminate the refrigerant gas system and to use instead the thermo-magnetic system, which is already in the pre-industrialization phase.
The presentation will show that the thermo-magnetic technology meets all the needs for versatile next-generation equipment for cooling and heating, because it is environmentally friendly; because it emits no greenhouse gasses and no toxic fluids (using a water/glycol mix for cooling circuits); because is energy efficient: 40% to 60% less energy consumption compared to classical systems; and also for economical reasons: initial costs are similar to existing systems, maintenance costs are lower.
We are convinced the energy is clearly one of the critical global challenges facing humankind, and we must put in work all our forces in order to find efficient sustainable solutions.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Carmen VASILE MULLER is Associate Professor at INSA (Graduate School of Science and Technology) the Department of Energy, Heating & Air Conditioning and researcher at LGeCo (Design Engineering Laboratory) in Strasbourg, France.
She has a PhD in Energy Engineering (expertise in Systems and Heat & Mass Transfer).
She performs since 1990 research activities and academic teaching in the field of heat and mass transfer, fluid dynamics, energy efficiency, magnetic cooling, renewable energies.
Her research work is visible in an important number of international scientific journals and in national and international conferences all over the world. She is member of different scientific societies and she leads the subgroup of machines inside the Standardisation Group for Magnetic Refrigeration Working Party of the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIF-IIR).