Plenary Lecture

Challenges for Higher Educational Private Providers in IT and Engineering Discipline

Professor Savitri Bevinakoppa
Professional Development and Scholarship Coordinator
Melbourne Institute of Technology

Abstract: Due to rapid development of new technology, increased global competition, organizational restructuring, and shift towards skill requirements in job or service industries, Australian higher educational private providers facing challenges in the IT and Engineering disciplines to sustain in the market. Academic requirements are changing rapidly making course design, plan and implementation a real challenging task, which include mainly mapping course graduate attributes in-terms of Australian Quality Framework (AQF) standards, Tertiary Education Quality Standard Agency (TEQSA) requirements and professional body requirements (Australian Computer Society - ACS, Engineers Australia - EA etc). It is quite difficult to satisfy all requirements in one document. Assurance of Learning (AOL) document has been designed and developed to map IT and Engineering courses to above standards attributes. Mapping is quite time consuming and resource intensive. We have been trying to develop online system for a AOL document. This presentation will explain an online AOL system and future work. Most importantly the design of the system covers various external accreditation requirements.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Associate Professor Savitri Bevinakoppa completed her Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics and Communication) in 1989 and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) at Victoria University, Melbourne in 1996, writing her thesis on “Still Image Compression on Parallel Computer Architectures”. Savitri has more than 26 years of teaching and research experience in Engineering and Information Technology (IT) disciplines, and has also worked in industry as a manager for more than 10 years. She has demonstrated continuing scholarly and professional involvement in both learning & teaching and research, publishing a number of books and research papers nationally and internationally. She has obtained several industry grants and supervised many research students and research associates. She has chaired a number of conferences in multi-disciplinary areas and edited their proceedings. Currently she is working as a Professional Development and Scholarship Coordinator at Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.