Plenary Lecture

Multiobjective Optimization and Decision Making for Electricity Distribution Systems

Professor Mihai Gavrilas
Departmenet of Power Systems
“Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi

Abstract: The electricity world is currently witnessing the development of present day transmission and distribution power networks to the Smart Grid concept. This process implies the large-scale integration of renewable energy sources, the development of electricity markets, changing grid infrastructure and operation due to plug-in electric vehicles penetration, transforming the consumer into an active player on the production-distribution-demand chain, and an overall increasing complexity of decision making. This progress will focus to the smart integration of all players to ensure a reliable and effective supply of all customers, under sustainable, economic and high security conditions. Under the umbrella of these fundamental changes, new and more complex optimization problems will arise, that must be solved trying to find good solutions complying with more, and frequently conflicting, objectives. These challenges will address new issues such as new operation strategies based on smart equipments and devices deployed in the distribution network, control of plug-in electric vehicles interaction with the network based on market strategies, new Intelligent Home Automated solutions, Demand Response and other Demand-Side Management strategies or efficient Generation-Side Management through Virtual Power Plants models.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Mihai Gavrilas received the M.Sc. degree from the “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi, Romania, in 1984. Since 1988 he has been devoted to education and research at the “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi, where, at present, he is a professor with the Power System department, at the faculty of Electrical Engineering. In 1994 he received the Ph D degree in power systems from the Technical University of Iasi. He is reading courses on Power systems steady state and stability analysis, Intelligent systems application in power systems and Electricity markets. He is a Senior IEEE member (Power and Energy Society, Computational Intelligence Society, Systems, Man and Cybernetics Society) since 1994 and a CIGRE member since 2008. His main research interests are directed towards multi-objective optimization in power systems, power systems dynamics and control, state estimation and observability analysis in power systems, and computational intelligence application in power.