Plenary Lecture

Integrating Dynamic Traffic Assignment and Demand Responsiveness in Road Infrastructure Maintenance Optimization Problems

Professor Manoj K. Jha
Center for Advanced Transportation and Infrastructure Engineering Research
Department of Civil Engineering
Morgan State University
Baltimore, USA

Abstract: Highway Infrastructure, such as pavement, bridges, and tunnels deteriorate over time, primarily due to vehicle miles of travel, weather, and other factors. Maintenance of road infrastructure elements is a key task generally undertaken by city, county, and highway agencies. Due to budget constraints, it is highly desirable to develop a cost effective optimal maintenance plan over a future planning horizon that will ensure adequate service level along highway segments in a given highway network. The existing maintenance optimization models for highway infrastructure do not account for the dynamic nature of traffic assignment between specified Origin-Destination pairs and demand responsiveness. In this presentation we present a mathematical optimization model that considers dynamic traffic assignment characteristics and demand responsiveness in highway infrastructure maintenance optimization. We exploit several heuristics to solve the optimization model and present some case studies using real highway network data from the Baltimore City Department of Transportation.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Dr. Manoj K. Jha is Professor and Founding Director of the Center for Advanced Transportation and Infrastructure Engineering Research (CATIER) in the department of civil engineering at the Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD, USA. His research interests are in developing computational models for sustainable transportation infrastructure design and route optimization. Dr. Jha has authored (or co-authored) tree books and more than 160 peer-reviewed articles in journals, books, and conference proceedings in the highway design, infrastructure, optimization, and transportation literature. He is an associate editor of the Open Civil Engineering Journal, and editorial board member of several international journals, including the Journal of Infrastructure Systems, and the International Journal of Operations Research and Information Systems. He has delivered over 20 invited, keynote, and plenary speeches at international conferences and institutions.