Plenary Lecture

Application Genetic Algorithm in Optimizing Traffic Control

Professor Riza Atiq Rahmat
Director of Centre for Academic Advancement and
Head of Intelligent Transport System
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Abstract: Urban Traffic Control in developing countries is always a never ending problem due to rapid motorization. Optimization of traffic control is one way to reduce this problem. In this experiment, Genetic Algorithm was adopted to optimize a traffic light and offset between intersections. The objective functions are minimizing delay at an intersection and maximize traffic progressive flows along an arterial road. The experiment was conducted in real time on a stretch of arterial road in Bangi, Malaysia which consists of 5 intersections. Traffic data for the input such as traffic flows, queue lengths and traffic speed are collected using video detection system. For this purpose, a video camera is mounted facing every approach in the study area. The digital images from the camera were analyzed in real time. The experience shows that the traffic control performance is improved up to 56% during off-peak hours and 34% during peak-hours.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Prof. Ir. Dr Riza Atiq obtained his B.Eng. (Civil Engineering) in 1980, M.Eng (Tranportation Engineering) in 1991 from UTM and PhD (ITS) from UKM in 2002. He started his academic carrier in UKM in 1994 after working as an engineer with City Hall of Kuala Lumpur for 14 years. While in City Hall he developed a transport model for Kuala Lumpur and surrounding area for planning purposes. He has five intellectual properties, three books, more than 100 scientific research papers and 14 innovation awards including one from Geneva, three from Korea and one from IEM. His research is mainly in Intelligent Transport System and learning-teaching. His professional expertise includes bridge design, urban transport planning, urban transport management and sustainable urban transport. His current post in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) is the Director of Centre for Academic Advancement. While holding the post, he initiated the formulation of 11 policies to transform the curriculum and teaching-learning practices in UKM. His professional qualification includes being a professional engineer (Civil Engineers, Board of Engineers Malaysia) and member of Road Engineering Association of Asia and Australasia.