Plenary Lecture

Quality Management Tools Embedded Software Development Lifecycles


Professors Monica Leba & Andreea Ionica
University of Petrosani

Abstract: There are first presented the software development lifecycle models, their evolution, representations and components. Each newly developed model at its time integrated several new elements or concepts, contributing to the conceptual, methodological and evolution of software life cycle approaches. In the existing software lifecycles, the quality management tools have always been used, but somewhat overlooked although the ultimate goal has always been enunciated as the development of qualitative software products.
Analyzing the lifecycles used in software development emphasizes the main advantages and disadvantages of each of them. This led to a new approach on software lifecycle from the quality point of view. In order to make the quality component “visible” during the lifecycle there was introduced a third dimension in the classical spiral software development model.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Monica Leba: Received a BSc in System Control and Applied Informatics Engineering in 1998, a MSc in Information Systems and Technologies in 2007 and gained a PhD in System Control in 2002. She joined in 1999 the University of Petrosani. In 2008 became Associated Professor of System Control Engineering. She is member of IFAC (International Federation of Automatic Control), Technical Committee 3.1. Computers for Control. She was Invited Lecturer at the University of Clausthal – Germany, University of Nancy – France and University of Malaga – Spain. She was a Leonardo da Vinci researcher at the Biosensors Department from the University of Florence, Italy. Her general research interests are in applied informatics, algorithms design, modelling and simulation, computer and system control engineering. She took part and coordinated about 20 national and international research projects and grants, three of them having eLearning related theme. She published about 80 papers, part of them in WSEAS conferences. She also presented three plenary lectures in WSEAS conferences in Corfu, Greece, October, 2008, in Istanbul, Turkey, June, 2009, in Malta, September, 2012 and in Athens, Greece in May 2013. Recently, she participated at the Creativity Workshop in Florence.
Andreea Ionica: Graduated the University of Petrosani as engineer (1992), as economist (2002) and PhD in Industrial Engineering (2004). She got a postgraduate degree in Enterprises’ Economy and Administration from Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine, France (1998). She also graduated the course of Human Resources Management (1999). She is currently Associated Professor in the Management Department at University of Petrosani where she teaches mainly in the areas of Management and Quality Management. Her research interests include: Quality Management Systems (QMS), TQM implementation, the study of customer - supplier relationship in the context of the QMS implementation. She activates in the field of quality management systems, being auditor and Quality Management Representative at the University of Petrosani. In the period 2010-2012 she coordinated a Grundtvig project with partners from Turkey, Romania, Nederland, Belgium and Germany. She participated as coordinator or member in about 10 national and international research projects, two of them having eLearning related theme, and grants and published about 100 papers. She also presented a plenary lecture in WSEAS conferences in Malta, September, 2012 and in Athens, Greece in May 2013. Recently, she participated at the Creativity Workshop in Florence.