Plenary Lecture

Economical (Un)Sustainability of Suburban Structures

Associate Professor Vladimira Silhankova
College of Regional Development Prague
Czech Republic

Abstract: The article deals with analysis of infrastructure-needs of suburban areas and evaluation of their economical demands. An analysis of new transport and technical infrastructure construction needs in selected suburban area in the Czech Republic takes place either. Then, an analysis of outlays into building and operation of infrastructure is presented. The closing part is formed of comparison of outlays into building and operation of infrastructure in suburban areas and in traditional urban structures.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Assoc. Prof. Vladimira Silhankova, Ph.D. studied at Technical University Brno and finished the Faculty of Architecture in 1994. She is the theorist of urbanism and regional development. She has been the head of wider research group since 2002 and has number of research results and published books e.g. Public Spaces in the Urban Planning Process, Re-conversion and Revival of Military Brownfields, Suburbanization as a Threat for Towns Operation or Sustainable Indicators for the Local Level. She is teacher of regional development, urbanism, and urban and strategic planning at College of Regional Development Prague.