Plenary Lecture

Adult T-Cell Lymphoma/Leukemia - Mysterious Disease

Associate Professor Kazuhiko Natori
Division of Hematology & Oncology
Department of Medicine
Toho University Medical Center
Oomori Hospital

Abstract: The majority of malignant lymphoma and leukemia is unexplained. Adult T cell leukemia/lymphoma(ATLL) is a malignant tumor that develops virus-induced blood only from HTLV-I carrier. Over the world, the distribution of HTLV-I carriers are very unevenly distributed. Caribbean coast countries, South America, African central part, Papua New Guinea, etc. are known as the area where the ratio of the HTLV-I infectee is high. In Japan, the areas with a high proportion of infection HTLV-I. HTLV-I infection route is, breastfeeding, blood transfusions, and sexual intercourse may be mentioned. The rate of infection is high so that age is high. In Japan, the incidence of ATL lifetime is estimated to be 4-7% for men and 2-5% for women. Diagnosis of ATLL antibodies HTLV-I anti-positive, in peripheral blood, type lymphoma in the lymph nodes, admitted ATLL cells with a nucleus like clover, acute form into leukemia, chronic type, in the smoldering typical example diagnosis is easy. A prognosis is extremely poor in a hematopoietic malignancies Median period of all over survival appeared in acute type 6 month, lymphoma type10 month. As a result, there is a limit in the treatment strategy only for chemotherapies more. Future, the discovery of useful prognostic marker, it is necessary to develop a method for treating patients with low adverse event is aging.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: I entered Tokyo college of Pharmacy division of biochemical pharmacy at April 1983 and graduateted at March 1987. In 1989, I entered Toho university medical course and gradutated March 1995. I became a doctor. I selected Hematology for my special field. Now I engaged in Oncology. I also belong to Chemotherapy Center of Toho university Medical Center and I am central director. It is related to the chemotherapy now. The theme of the research is double cancer, therapy related leukemia/myelodysplastic syndrome, cancer family history and carcinogenesis. I want to amplify knowledge to the chemotherapy whole and to live in the future.