Plenary Lecture

A Comparative Study on Network Sensitivity Analysis by Using Some Kinds of Signal-Flow Graphs

Professor Georgi A. Nenov
Higher School of Transport “Todor Kableshkov”
Sofia, Bulgaria

Abstract: The actual progress in the area of the efficient methods for electrical circuit analysis and synthesis is closely connected with the problems of sensitivity determination of the realized structures. Usually the proposed until now approaches for sensitivity calculation are directed to the obtaining of a symbolic form of searched expressions and to an avoiding the direct differentiation of the complicate expressions of network functions. This task often reaches its decision by using signal-flow graph representation of the network relationships. Interesting results in this topic are based on Mason’s graphs, Coates’s graphs and Chan-Mai’s graphs. The matter of the paper presented consists in the comparison of some signal-flow graph methods for first- and higher order network symbolic sensitivity determination concerning their advantages and specific applicability.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Georgi A. Nenov graduated from Technical University, Sofia, Bulgaria in 1962. He worked as an Assistant Professor in Technical University, Varna, Bulgaria (1963-1966), as a Scientific Researcher in Institute of Instrument Design in Sofia (1966-1974) and in Institute of Technical Cybernetics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia (1974-1980), as an Associate Professor in University “Prof. Dr Assen Zlatarov”, Bourgas, Bulgaria (1980-1988) and as an Associate Professor (1988-1995) and Professor (1995) in Higher School of Transport “Todor Kableshkov, Sofia. Prof Nenov defend in 1973 a PhD dissertation on active circuit synthesis and in 1991, a Dr.Sc dissertation on analysis and synthesis of SC-networks. He is a Senior Member of IEEE and a member of Bulgarian Scientific Found. The research interests of Prof. Nenov are in the field of electrical network analysis and synthesis, network sensitivity and neural networks. He is an author and co-author of more than 120 journal and conference papers, 3 books and 1 invited book chapter.