A) NAUN Open Access Journals follow an intense Academic Quality Control. For more information visit: https://naun.org/cms.action?id=23265

Quality Control 1:
New Associate Editors, New Members in the Editorial Boards and New Guest Editors in Special Issues are welcome; provided that the Advisory Board of NAUN will evaluate their Biographies and their recent publications in Scopus, EI Compendex, SCIE, ESCI, IET etc.
Quality Control 2:
New Reviewers are welcome provided that the Advisory Board of NAUN will evaluate their recent publications in Scopus, EI Compendex, SCIE, ESCI, IET etc.

Quality Control 3:
NAUN can sponsor financially or technically some conferences provided that:
a) The Conference Organizers/Chairmen are Professors in reputable Universities.
b) The Conference Organizers/Chairmen have important academic profile with recent publications in Scopus, EI Compendex, SCIE, ESCI, IET etc., have a significant participation in research projects and have supervised at least 1 Ph.D. Dissertation.
c) The Conference Organizers/Chairmen will provide to NAUN the list of their reviewers (Names, Academic Affiliation, Academic Web Address, Phone, Academic Email).
d) The Conference Organizers/Chairmen will provide to NAUN the reviewers' comments of 20 papers randomly selected by NAUN. (The papers will be selected from the conference program).
e) The Conference Deadlines do not generate concerns for the conference peer review.

Quality Control 4:
Prior to the commencement of the Peer Review that organized by the Editor-in-Chief or the Associate Editors, NAUN will perform a pre-screening quality control / review evaluating the following:
a) Plagiarism and Self-Plagiarism avoidance control via Turnitin and iThenticate.
b) The English Language of the paper.
c) Affiliation of the prospective authors (i.e. Do they belong to a University or to a real company or to a real institute? Can their university be identified? Can their Academic URL be identified on the web? Do they use academic/professional email addresses? Have they provided a phone number when they submitted their paper? Is the IP address, from where they submitted their paper, the same with their country?).
d) The References. When evaluating, attention should be paid to several points among them: The adequacy, relevance, quality of the references, coverage and how old the reference is.
(i.e. Are the references adequate? Does the paper include references from the last 5 years? Can the references be traced easily via google?, Does the references mention the year of the publication?).
e) Are there indications that some prospective authors have not substantially contributed in the research? i.e An author from a surgery clinic in a Hospital that has contributed in a Civil Engineering paper.

Roughly, 20% of the papers are usually rejected in this pre-screening quality control / review checking. This acts as a first filtering which saves valuable time from the Reviewers and the Editors-in-Chief.

Quality Control 5:
NAUN uses a compulsory certification for all authors and for all papers in order to certify and authenticate that each accepted paper is backed by a minimum of 3 reviewers' positive recommendations. Download the "Certification - Evaluation of the Review Process" via: https://www.naun.org/main/NAUN/CERTIFICATION-NAUN.docx

In case where an author feels that has not received at least 3 positive opinions from 3 independent reviewers with strong peer review, should not sign this form. The "Certification - Evaluation of the Review Process" is available underneath the publication of each paper.

Quality Control 6:
In the "Certification - Evaluation of the Review Process" the authors declares that: "We declare that none of the reviewer, none of the Associate-Editors, none of the Editor-in-Chief's, none of the NAUN member's or staff, nobody whatsoever and never forced me to add references/citations to any previous/future NAUN Publication or any other publications".

Quality Control 7:
Responses to Reviewers (required): For every revised version, the authors will reply using the file; http://naun.org/multimedia/Responses.docx. The file should be uploaded via the web or will be sent by email. Authors should address all changes, modifications, additions, studies, corrections requested by the reviewers using this form. The authors have to be fully complied with the reviewers' instructions.
The three (or more than three) reviewers should make sure prior publication that the changes, modifications, additions, studies, corrections etc. have been carried out. In this case, the paper will be published or will be rejected or a new round of peer review will begin.

Quality Control 8:
NAUN offers consistently high quality, line by line, strict and in depth peer review process and very high editorial standards with care to its authors and readers. The following page contains some comments from just a few of our authors about their experience of publishing with us: https://www.naun.org/main/NAUN/author-testimonials.html

Quality Control 9:
Peer Review and High Rejection Rates. The acceptance rate in NAUN Journals ranges from 20% to 25% [ratio: (Number of Accepted Papers)/(Number of Submitted Papers) * 100%] in a calendar year (from 1st of January to 31st of December).

Quality Control 10:
List of Reviewers can be found here: https://naun.org/main/NAUN/Reviewers-of-NAUN-Journals.html

Quality Control 11:
What do the Authors say about publishing in our Journals: https://naun.org/main/NAUN/author-testimonials.html

Quality Control 12:
NAUN Paper Review Form: https://universitypress.org.uk/form/naunreviewers-form/upload-form/index.php

B) Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement:

NAUN Open Access Journals follow the publication ethics and malpractice statement which is based on COPE. Please, check https://www.naun.org/cms.action?id=5663

C) What do the Authors say about publishing in our Journals

D) Retraction Policy