International Journal of Geology

ISSN: 1998-4499
Volume 14, 2020

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Volume 14, 2020

Title of the Paper: The New Method of Finding of Optimal Regularization Parameter for Potential Field Transformation


Authors: Pyankov Valentin, Rublev Alexey

Pages: 1-3

Abstract: We have investigated the morphology of the negative regional gravity anomaly with maximal value near 300 mGl at different altitudes (Sierra Nevada Batholith). This gravity anomaly spatially coincides with the structures of San Andreas and Calaveras faults (20-55 degrees S and 90-140 degrees W). A summary of the geological-geophysical data described the structure near transform fault system San Andreas and a thin structure of the master fault (San Andreas Fault), which accommodated more than a half of the relative shear movements of the Pacific and North American lithospheric plates, are used. In this paper we apply the technique of filtration of the long- and short-wave components of the amplitude spectrum of anomalies, using numerical methods of field simulation at various altitudes. For creation the multilayer gravity model of the Earth crust we need to know the field morphology of different earth layers. For this purpose we have investigated the optimal regularization parameters for gravitational field transformation.