International Journal of Energy and Environment

ISSN: 2308-1007
Volume 14, 2020

Notice: As of 2014 and for the forthcoming years, the publication frequency/periodicity of NAUN Journals is adapted to the 'continuously updated' model. What this means is that instead of being separated into issues, new papers will be added on a continuous basis, allowing a more regular flow and shorter publication times. The papers will appear in reverse order, therefore the most recent one will be on top.

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Volume 14, 2020

Title of the Paper: Thrusters Physical Model Formalization With Regard to Situational and Identification Factors of Motion Modes


Authors: Vitalii Budashko

Pages: 5-8

Abstract: Within the framework of the research of diagnos-tics and prediction of technical state of ship power plants (SPP) of combined propulsion complexes (CPC) depend-ences of correcting factors influencing components of thrusts and moments, proportional dimensions of model and real thrusts (THRs), tied to the original geometry were obtained. This was done by formalizing the physical model of the azimuth thruster with the means of identifying the degradation effects on the flow lines of the propellers by methods of computational hydrodynamics. The technique of improving the structure of the mathematical models of the SPP CPC according to experimental studies by measur-ing the input and output parametric coordinates of the THRs CPC of a vessel operating in the dynamic positioning mode is announced.

Title of the Paper: Techno-Economic Study of Linear Fresnel Solar Thermal Power Plant in Algeria


Authors: Hani Beltagy, Sofiane Mihoub, Hamid Ajdad, Noureddine Said

Pages: 1-4

Abstract: The objective of the present work is to characterize a power plant with concentrator of Fresnel on various Algerian sites (Sahara). These sites were chosen for comparison by moving the power plant in the Algerian sites: Hassi-R’mel, Tamanrasset, Béni-Abbes, and El Oued. A technico-economic study was made to determine the various characteristics of the power plant. This study is carried out through a simulation in the hourly scale: it concerns the insolation, the system 'field', and the 'receiving' system. The results of the simulation are represented on annual average. Annual energy production and the cost per kWh are evaluated, the technico-economic results are also estimated for the same sites, and the results are compared for the purpose of site classification.