International Journal of Systems Applications, Engineering & Development

ISSN: 2074-1308
Volume 14, 2020

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Volume 14, 2020

Title of the Paper: A Novel Approach for Analysis CNTFET Based Domino circuit in Nano-Scale Design


Authors: Namrata Sharma, Uday Panwar

Pages: 22-30

Abstract: As semiconductor industries is developing day by day to meet the requirement of today’s world. As scaling of ICs day by day to introduce functionality of the device while fabrication more and more component which results in shorter the life of the battery operated device which has to be improved. Here in this article we have measured performance parameters like power consumption, UNG, Evaluation Delay, standby power and speed of various domino circuits provided for various inputs like 8 &16 input OR gate. When we compared power, delay, and PDP of different topologies of domino circuit design with the simulation results which is performed by using SPICE tool at 32nm CNTFET process technology with supply voltage 0.9V and 27⁰ C of temperature at 100 MHz. All the simulation results is done in CMOS & CNTFET technology, it is observed that saving of average power upto 90.46% with same delay, with improvement of 5.8 × Noise-immunity with scaling of technology.

Title of the Paper: Towards Liveable and Sustainable Egyptian New Cities: Learned Lessons from Columbia, Maryland


Authors: Shimaa A. Ali

Pages: 14-21

Abstract: After more than thirty years of their establishment, 26 New Cities in Egypt are attracting less people than the informal areas. The main objective of this paper is to form a new vision for liveable sustainable Egyptian new cities that attract people to live in, using the descriptive, analytical, deductive methodologies to achieve the research goals. The research starts with discussing the “NCs” definition and its dimensions, and then it explores the major features of sustainability, explains the relationship between the economic, urban, environmental, and social forces shaping the sustainability in developing the new cities. Afterwards, the research focuses on presenting the current situation of the Egyptian experience in developing new cities in the desert areas and the major pertinent impediments, and then analyses the international experiences of sustainable New Cities, Columbia, Maryland in USA. In addition, the case study analysis is a part of a field visit and surveys done by the researcher during Winter and Summer 2015. Finally, the research draws from the previous analyses, the lessons learned from the American experience, the implications for developing Sustainable NCs from inception through completion, in addition to managing the following on-going operations.

Title of the Paper: Developing Software for Simulation of Material and Wave Properties of Piezoelectromagnetics Incorporating Gravitational Phenomena


Authors: Aleksey Anatolievich Zakharenko

Pages: 10-13

Abstract: This short report acquaints the reader with the developed software that can work with piezoelectrics, piezomagnetics, and piezoelectromagnetics (PEMs) with incorporation of gravitational phenomena, i.e. piezogravitotorsionoelectromagnetic (PGTEM) materials. This software can calculate the material properties and wave characteristics in all the aforementioned continuous media. Also, it allows the PEM and PGTEM composite creation from the material parameters of both piezoelectrics and piezomagnetics that present in the software database or can be loaded from a file. The software interface and sample calculations are demonstrated.

Title of the Paper: Theoretical Models of the Thermal Conductivity of Polyamide12 During Selective Laser Sintering Process


Authors: Hanane Yaagoubi, Hamid Abouchadi, Mourad Taha Janan

Pages: 7-9

Title of the Paper: Simulation and Experimental Study of Cascade Solar Still


Authors: Nidal Mouhsin, Mourad Taha-Janan, Mariam Bouzaid, Mohamed Oubrek

Pages: 1-6