International Journal of Materials

ISSN: 2313-0555
Volume 7, 2020

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Volume 7, 2020

Title of the Paper: Comparative study of modeling of Perovskite solar cell with different HTM layers


Authors: Abdelhadi Slami, Mama Bouchaour, Laarej Merad

Pages: 1-5

Abstract: The efficiency of MASnI3 based solar cell with various hole transport material (HTM) layers including Spiro-OMeTAD, PEDOT:Pss, and Cu2O is studied. Zinc oxide (ZnO) layer is proposed as electron transport layer for lead-free CH3NH3SnI3 based Perovskite solar cells. The influence of device parameters such as doping level of the active layer, thickness of the CH3NH3SnI3 layer and working temperature is discussed. For optimum parameters of all three structures, efficiency of 24.17%, 24.50%, and 25.36% for PEDOT:Pss, Spiro-OMeTAD, and Cu2O, respectively is achieved. To study the optimized performance of this Perovskite solar cell, SCAPS-1D software is considered.