Plenary Lecture

Nano- and Bio-Structured Materials and Their Photorefractive Features

Dr. Sci., PhD Natalia V. Kamanina
Vavilov State Optical Institute
Prof. at Saint-Petersburg Electrotechical University (LETI)

Abstract: The spectral and photorefractive parameters of some organic materials, including the liquid crystal (LC) ones, doped with nano- and bio-particles have been studied using optical limiting and holographic recording techniques in the visible . Some evidences of the influence of the nanoobjects doping on the self-assembling and wetting phenomena have been established. The area of application of the materials to be used in the optoelectronics and biomedicine has been discussed.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Dr. Sci. PhD. Natalia Vladimirovna Kamanina was born in Kaliningrad, Russian Federation, 1957. She graduated with an Honor Diploma from Leningrad Polytechnical Institute (1981), St. Petersburg, Russia, and received a PhD (Physics & Mathematics) at Vavilov State Optical Institute, St.-Petersburg, Russia (1995), as well as a Dr. Sci. (Physics & Mathematics) at the same institution (2001). She is currently a Head of the Lab for “Photophysics of media with nanoobjects” at Vavilov State Optical Institute St.-Petersburg, Russia and has been involved in collaboration research with many researchers and scientists all over the world since 1995, publishing about 190 technical papers in the area of Laser-Matter Interaction and Nanotechnology. Parallel to her scientific activity, she has also been lecturing from 2001 up to now, as a Professor of Quantum Electronics and Opto-Electron Device at St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University (“LETI”), and a Professor of the Optical Physics and Modern Natural Science (2002-2013) at St. Petersburg Technical University “IFMO”.