Plenary Lecture

Making an Analogy between a Multi Chain Interaction in CDW Transport and Wave Functionals to Form S-S’ Pairs

Professor A. W. Beckwith
Department of Physics
Chongqing University
P. R. China

Abstract: In this Plenary Lecture, we show through a numerical simulation that the massive Schwinger model used to formulate solutions to CDW transport in itself is insufficient for transport of solitons (anti-solitons) through a pinning gap model of CDW transport. We show that a model Hamiltonian with Peierls condensation energy used to couple adjacent chains (or transverse wave vectors) permits formation of solitons (anti- solitons) which could be used to transport CDW through a potential barrier. We argue tthere are analogies between this construction and the false vacuum hypothesis for showing a necessary and sufficient condition for formation of CDW soliton – anti - soliton (S-S’) pairs in wave functionals This can be established via either use of the Bogomil'nyi inequality or maybe an experimental artifact which is due to the false vacuum hypothesis to obtain a ‘distance between the S-S’ ‘charge centers’.

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