Plenary Lecture

Product and Process Innovation in the Portuguese Footwear Industry

Associate Professor Nelson Duarte
School of Management and Technology of Felgueiras
Polytechnic of Porto

Abstract: This paper addresses the issue of product and process innovation in the Portuguese footwear industry. The main goal is to analyse the product and process innovation, their relation and the relation with other types of innovation in firm’s daily management. The analyses were based in the results of the Community Innovation Survey (CIS). The main conclusions identified a low propensity to innovation and when it exists is mainly at the product and process level. It was also verified that when companies adopt an innovation strategy, it means that the company presents an innovative culture at all organizational levels.

Brief Biography of the Speakers: Associated Professor at School of Management and Technology of Felgueiras, Polytechnic of Porto.  Researcher at Centre for Transdisciplinary Development Studies and at Centre for Research and Innovation in Business Sciences and Information Systems.  International Relations Office Coordinator at School of Management and Technology of Felgueiras. PhD in Management and Master Economic and Management Sciences. Main research areas are entrepreneurship/innovation, strategy, sustainability and family firms.  Coordinator and team member of several national and international projects. Main teaching subjects: management, strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship.