Plenary Lecture

APA with Evolving Order and Variable Regularization for Echo Cancellation


Professor Changpeng Ji
School of Electronics and Information Engineering
Liaoning Technical University
P. R. China

Abstract: Recently Affine Projection Algorithm (APA) has become a very popular algorithm in the application of acousticecho cancellation. According to the contradictory factors of convergence rate and steady-state misalignment, a new algorithm by the behavior of associating variable regularization and evolving order can be proposed. It will reach a much better state by coordinating variable regularization and evolving order. Instead of the conventional assumption that the a posteriori error is zero, we can incorporate the statistical characteristic of the noise into the adaptation process. Exact and approximate formulations for the optimal regularization factor are derived. Numerical simulation results show that the proposed algorithm improves the performance of the APA in terms of its faster convergence rate and lower steady-state misalignment compared to existing variable regularization APA and evolving order APA, respectively.

Brief Biography of the Speakers: Prof. CP. Ji is now the professor of Liaoning Technical University. As the senior Member of WASE and IACSIT, His research interests are computer communication & networks, wireless communication, digital signal processing, computer science and technology. He is the author of more than 80 papers published in international journals and conference proceedings, and invited book chapters. Meanwhile, he is also the referee for journals, conferences and research proposals.