Plenary Lecture

Application of Wavelet Transformation, Mathematical Statistics and Linear Equations for Spectral and Image Processing

Associate Professor Tsvetelina Draganova
Department of Automatics and Mechatronics
University of Ruse

Abstract: Spectral and image processing depend on application and area where we have to use. Methods based on wavelet transformation, mathematical statistics and linear equations are proposed for feature extraction of objects in precision farming using spectral and image characteristics. Neural networks and Fuzzy logic are used for classification of the objects in quality groups.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Tsvetelina Draganova is graduated with a M.S. degree in Automatics from University of Ruse, Bulgaria in 2001, and then with a M.S. degree in Computer Science and Technologies from University of Ruse, Bulgaria in 2003. She has a doctoral degree in the field of Automation from 2007. From 2007 she has been a faculty member of the Department of Automatics and Mechatronics at the University of Ruse, Bulgaria, serving as an assistant professor from 2007 to May 2012, and an associate professor since May 2012. The research interests of Tsvetelina Draganova include image processing, spectral data analysis, chemometrics, wavelet transformation, linear equations, neural networks, industrial networks and programmable logic controllers. She is author of a few books and more than 40 papers published in international journals and conference proceedings.