Plenary Lecture

Main Steps of Product Development – New Cat Carrier Involved

Professor Mihaiela Iliescu
Manufacturing Department
“POLITEHNICA” University of Bucharest

Abstract: New product development is a complex process of bringing a new product onto the market. For “cutting down” the time and costs required, modern computer aided technology and equipment are used to design, model, simulate and manufacture the involved new product. This paper evidences main steps followed for the development of a new product, that is a new cat carrier. So, the steps refer to market research, designing, modeling and simulation of the new product, and finally obtaining product’s prototype by one of the rapid prototyping techniques.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Graduated in 1989, “POLITEHNICA” Institute of Bucharest, ROMANIA.
While 1989 – 1991 worked as engineer – in the Design Department of Romanian Peripheral Equipment Factory, FEPER
Since 1991 has been teaching in “POLITEHNICA” University of Bucharest, ROMANIA – Manufacturing Department, in 2004, became Associate Professor. The Doctoral Thesis, in 2000 was about “Quality and Machinability of Thermal Sprayed Layers”.
Teaches courses, advises students research and works into the fields of: Applied Statistics in Engineering; Manufacturing Technologies; Injection Moulding; Customized Products Manufacturing and Quality Assurance.
Scientific researcher and project manager, in about 30 Research Projects and Grants. Also, expert evaluator for EU programs on human resources development First-author or, co-author, of about
- 140 studies and papers - published in International/National Conferences, Sessions, Workshops, Platform Meetings etc;
- 14 books on Applied Statistics, Manufacturing Technology, Geometrical Precision Inspection.
Member of some professional associations, as Plastics Industry Producers Association – ASPAPLAST, ROMANIA, Rapid Manufacturing Association – RAPIMAN; has some international awards as: Best Innovation Award - at Brussels INNOVA Fair, 2007, Golden Medal – in INVENTIKA –2008, Bucharest, Romania.
Papers presented in WSEAS Conferences, in 2008, 2009 and, also published in WSEAS Journals. Was invited Plenary Speaker in WSEAS Conferences, like Venice – November, 2008 ; Cambridge – February, 2009; Baltimore – November 2009; Lisbon – November 2010, Catania – November, 2011 and Malta – September, 2012.
Performed organizing activities for WSEAS Conferences in Bucharest, in June (2008 and 2010) and, specially, in November, 2008 – when was General Chairman.