Plenary Lecture

Without Parents Towards Successful Initial Literacy in Preschool Period with the Help of Instuments Protected by Letters Patent

Professor Jozica Bezjak
University of Primorska PEF
Cankarjeva 5, 6000 Koper

Abstract: Successfulness of the contemporary method of initial literacy was the research’s matter. Our aim was to manufacture innovative instruments for reading and writing that can be used for preschool children – electronic didactic tablets, anatomically designed pen and sound picture books, and to test them in practice in kindergartens, first grades of nine-year primary school, programmes for children with special needs and with illiterate adults.
Moreover, we questioned the current method of the initial literacy. We do not believe in the reasonableness of writing over-dimensional letters on the blackboard and in the notebook as this takes children too much energy and is completely inadequate since we do not write with the shoulder and the elbow, but we with the twist of the wrist and usually with three fingers.
That is why we started to think how we could make initial reading and writing easier and of a shorter way to literacy. The idea’s concept was an electronic didactic tablet. To make reading more pleasant, there is a picture book, available in classic and electronic sound form.
Furthermore, to make the writing table even more useful and attractive we added additional electronic devices which enable:
•    the display of the number of the repetitions of writing on electronic tablet (LCD display),
•    rewarding the user after certain number of repetitions with automatic sound play of melodies from the sound picture book,
•    the possibility of connecting with the PC which would increase didactic tablet’s applicability (vocal dictating letters, keeping statistics...).
The results of the research showed extraordinary successfulness of our innovative method after only a fourteen day usage of the instruments. In conclusion we came to cognition of didactical instruments applicability in improving individual’s handwriting style and in medical purposes during the rehabilitation of individuals after the stroke.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Jožica Bezjak in the field of education I achieved a diploma thesis, Master's and Ph.D. degree in the field I advanced materials and technologies in Naravoslovnotehnični Faculty, University of Ljubljana and in pedagogy thesis II: IGIP - Titel Europäischer Ingenieurpädagoge - "ING - PEAD IGIP" Austria and Ph.D. degree II:. Project-Unterrichtsarbeit in der im technische Kreativität schulischen Kurrikulum: von der bis zur Kindergarten technische Fakultätsausbildung, Austria. Scientific research and educational work is carried out from 1986 to 2011na various scientific and educational institutions-the Natural Sciences and Engineering Faculty at the field of advanced materials and technologies and at the Pedagogical Faculty and the University of Primorska, the University of Klagenfurt, University of Usti nad Labin, University of Pilsnu in the Czech Republic, where I lectured at the undergraduate postgraduate study program Mathematics, Engineering, Physics, Engineering, Pre-school and classroom instruction.
He has more than 692 works in COBISS Co-operative online bibliographic system, of which more than 20 monographs, which has also received numerous honors and awards, among them the two highest state award, the medal winner Socrates SOVA (2003) for the highest achievements in the the academic teaching of "special engaged and excellent teaching in higher education", and won the highest national award of Slovenia for the highest achievements in scientific research and teaching (2005).
 She is the president of the Association of Teachers of technical creativity of Slovenia, where over the last ten years (2003 - 2011) was also president of the Organizing and Scientific Committee and editor of the International Scientific Symposium "Technical Creativity and the school's curricula with the form of projectlearning" From idea to the product "- from the Kindergarten to the technical faculty, Portoroz, Slovenia.