Plenary Lecture

Mathematical Modeling Based on Experimental Data for the Internal Combustion Engines

Associate Professor Krisztina Uzuneanu
Thermal Systems and Environmental Engineering Department
“Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati

Abstract: The mathematical model is, in an unpretentious sense, an attempt to describe as really as possible a time- developing process or phenomenon regardless of the type of phenomenon envisaged; modeling aims to analytically highlight some difficult – to-see or even imperceptible issues. At the same time, mathematics makes availbale to researchers analysis methods and methodologies able to provide a meaningful explanation of both causes and effects of such less known phenomenological aspects.
The functional components of the engine result by adapting some adjustable parameters such as: cooling agent temperature, overcharge pressure,etc. In this paper , the internal combustion engine will be analyzed as an object adjustable according to the adopted parameter.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Dr. Krisztina Uzuneanu graduated Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of University “Dunarea de Jos” of Galati in 1984 and she obtained the title of Doctor Engineer in 1998.
Since 1987 she followed the academic carrier at “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati as assistant, lecturer and associate professor. Dr. Uzuneanu is a visiting professor at different universities: Universidade do Minho, Portugal, Universita degli Studi di Genova, Italy, Universita degli Studi di Salerno, Italy, Pannon University Veszprem, Hungary, Erciyes University Kayseri, Turkey and visitor scientist of of Universidade do Minho Guimaraes, Portugal where she was awarded with a post-doc NATO grant in 2002 - 2003.
Research fields are connected with applied thermodynamics, alternative fuels for internal combustion engines, modeling the thermal stresses of different parts of internal combustion engines, renewable energy and pollution.
Dr. Uzuneanu published over 100 articles in national and internationals conferences proceedings and she is author of 3 books.
The research work was done as member of 20 research contracts financed by European Commission and Romanian Ministry of Education and Research and director of 5 research contracts financed by industry.
Dr K. Uzuneanu is member of Romanian Society of Thermodynamics since 1990 and member of Balkan Environmental Association since 2011.