Plenary Lecture

The Strategic Manegement and the SWOT Analysis in Miltary Organizations

Professor Dan Victor Cavaropol
Director of the Council of University Doctoral Studies
Police Academy "Alexandru Ioan Cuza"
Bucharest, Romania

Abstract: The problem of the strategic management in miltary organizations is a very important issue for the countries in SE Europe, after theirs integration in the European Union. The paper is a case study for our academy, taking into account the risk analysis, quantitative an also qualitative. Y have utilise the well-known SWOT analysis evaluating the threats-things that can go wrong or that can 'attack' the system and the vulnerabilities, which make a system more prone to attack by a threat or make an attack more likely to have some success or impact. The countermeasures for vulnerabilities are established and y propose the possible strategy for managers to realise the objectives and prevent the system to turn in wrong direction. The parameter of time and the changing in legislation are two factors that can influence the decision-makers strategy.

Brief Biography of the Speaker:Cavaropol Dan Victor is an university professor at the Police Academy since 1992, and during the time he had many important leading positions in this organisation, like head of departement and dean of the faculty. Now he is the Director of the Council of University Doctoral Studies/C.S.U.D., and coordinates the two doctoral schools in Police Academy. He is an close colaborator with WSEAS, has published 14 articles in WSEAS conferences, from 2009 until today. He is also an peer-rewiever in WSEAS since 2012. In the Doctoral School „Public order and National Security-OPSN” he teaches „The risk analisys” and coordinates 10 Ph.D students. He published in the last 20 years more than 60 articles and 14 books in the fields of engineering , security and social science.