Plenary Lecture

A Geospatial Business Intelligence Approach

Professor Mihaela I. Muntean
West University of Timisoara

Abstract: Based on the fact that most of the data stored in corporate databases has a spatial component, a Business Intelligence approach for spatial enablement will be developed. For fully deploying the spatial component, a data warehouse proposal will sustain the spatial business intelligence value chain. Theoretical considerations will be followed be a convenient practice initiative. Geospatial Business Intelligence has become a top priority for organizations of all sizes and industries that are seeking location-based insight, either to gain a competitive edge, improve organizational performance management or both.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Currently, professor Mihaela I. Muntean is the chair of the Business Information Systems Department at the West University of Timisoara and an IT independent consultant. With a background in Computer Science and a Ph.D. obtained both in Technical Science and in Economic Science (Economic Informatics), professor Mihaela I. Muntean focused her research activity on topics like information technology, knowledge management, business intelligence, business information system. Over 70 papers in indexed reviews and conference proceedings and the involvement with success in 8 multi-annual national research grants/projects are sustaining her contributions in the research fields mentioned above.