Plenary Lecture

Obtaining Consensus of Multi-Agent Linear Dynamic Systems

Professor Maria Isabel Garcia-Planas
Department of Applied Mathematics
Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
Barcelona, Spain

Abstract: In this paper the consensus problem is considered for multi-agent systems, in which all agents have an identical linear dynamic mode that can be of any order. A generalization to the case all agents are of the same order but do not have the same linear dynamic.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Professor Dr. Maria Isabel Garcia-Planas joined the Department of Applied Mathematics at the “Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya” Barcelona, Spain in 1981. Her work had been centered on Linear Algebra, Systems and Control Theory. She has authored over a hundred papers and serves on the referee on several scientific journals. She has been plenary Speaker in several WSEAS International Multi-Conferences as well to Europment.