Plenary Lecture

Cultural Village - A Form of Exploitation of Spiritual and Cultural Wealth of the Romanian Village

Professor Mirela Stoican
Transilvania University of Brasov
Bioterra University of Bucharest

Abstract: Under the impact of intense urbanization processes occurring in the second half of the twentieth century, rural areas experienced large structural changes. Expansion of urban areas, migration to the city of villagers, the introduction of new techniques and technologies in the processing of land, infrastructure development are all key elements in the transformation of traditional rural values.
Romanian rural tourism is represented by a multitude of symbols: crafts, dance, music and costumes, gourmet products, ancestral customs and traditions. By combining these symbols and recovery in tourism, the Romanian village can become a cultural village with real meanings of medium and long term development. This paper aims to highlight the relevance of cultural tourism in rural areas, and how to exploit the intangible heritage of Bucovina Cultural Village Ciocăneşti.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: I have a Bachelor Degree, obtained at Petre Andrei University of Iasi, Faculty of Economics. I have obtained Master's Degree in Performance Management in Alimentation, Tourism and Consumer Protection otBioterra University of Bucharest and I obtained the doctorate in 2012 in the General Economic Theory field, major in Political Economy and Economic Doctrines.
Currently I am an associate lecturer phd. of Transilvania University of Brasov, and the Faculty of Alimentation and Tourism, at Bioterra University of Bucharest, at Focsani Studies Center, at the Faculty of Agroturistic Management.
I attended in numerous international conferences as chairmen, including a WSEAS conference in 2011, plenary speaker in 2013. In the WSEAS, since 2012, I am a Review.
The fields of research are the theory of human capital, investment in human capital, innovational economy, quality management in tourism, and rural tourism. I am the author of over 35 papers in the field of human capital theory, quality management in tourism and published in international and national spacialized journals.