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The authors interested in being published can submit their papers to the NAUN Journals, regardless if they have attended a NAUN conference or not. The extended versions submitted after a conference receive absolutely no priority, nor special treatment against papers submitted directly to NAUN Journals. Contact the Editors-in-Chief or previous authors (PDF files are openly accessible to everybody).

The only criteria for publication in NAUN journals are originality, adequacy, completeness and quality of the scientific work (thorough peer review by 3 international experts).

Also, every paper submitted to NAUN Journals (as well as conferences) must not have been published elsewhere (in its entirety, or parts of it), neither can it be under review (in its entirety, or parts of it) for other journals or conferences. Contact the Editors-in-Chief or previous authors (PDF files are openly accessible to everybody).

Plagiarism or Self-Plagiarism will be punished by lifetime ban of the offending authors, as well as notification of all major indexes, editors-in-chief, associate editors, reviewers and conference organizers of their names. Plagiarism or Self-Plagiarism is checked by top of the line Plagiarism Detection Software “Ithenticate” (www.ithenticate.com).

Duration of the Review Process: 2-4 months. The unanimous opinion of all three reviewers is required. Only authors from well-known universities, with multiple publications in ISI and/or SCOPUS in recent years will act as reviewers. The reviewers’ names for each paper is at the disposal of the Editors-in-Chief and every Associate Editor.

NAUN is an independent academic organization and its journals have been and will be completely free and fully open to readers.

Extended versions from conferences: Those selected papers are the ones that received especially favorable comments from all 3 of the conference reviewers during the thorough peer review process, and which stand out due to their originality, quality and technical perfection.

The extended versions of those best papers undergo thorough peer review once more, and can be accepted or rejected. Those extended versions must contain a minimum of 40% new material, a new title, new abstract and keywords, a new conclusion and new references. They should also include new figures or new mathematical equations. A mention of the original conference paper, from which the extended version originated, is a requirement in the Introduction, and the original paper is required to be cited as [1]. If this requirement isn't met, the paper will be deemed "self-plagiarized" and it will be rejected. You can also directly contact the Editors-in-Chief or previous authors.

The NAUN Journals are indexed in SCOPUS® and the scientific indicator for Scopus® database is SCimago (SJR).
Check the SCImago Factor for NAUN Journals here:
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Publication Charges:

For the following Journals:
1) International Journal of Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences
2) International Journal of Mathematics and Computers in Simulation
3) International Journal of Mechanics
4) International Journal of Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing
5) International Journal of Biology and Biomedical Engineering
6) International Journal of Education and Information Technologies

the fees are 600 EUR for papers up to 10 pages (extra pages: 50 EUR / page)

For the following Journals:
1) International Journal of Economics and Statistics
2) International Journal of Geology
3) International Journal of Communications
4) International Journal of Computers
5) International Journal of Energy
6) International Journal of Energy and Environment
7) International Journal of Computers and Communications
8) International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Informatics
9) International Journal of Systems Applications, Engineering & Development
10) International Journal of Neural Networks and Advanced Applications
11) International Journal of Fuzzy Systems and Advanced Applications
12) International Journal of Materials
13) International Journal of Pure Mathematics

the fees are 300 EUR for papers up to 10 pages (extra pages: 50 EUR / page)

For some exceptional cases regarding high-quality papers, NAUN can waive these fees.