International Journal of Education and Information Technologies

ISSN: 2074-1316
Volume 13, 2019

Notice: As of 2014 and for the forthcoming years, the publication frequency/periodicity of NAUN Journals is adapted to the 'continuously updated' model. What this means is that instead of being separated into issues, new papers will be added on a continuous basis, allowing a more regular flow and shorter publication times. The papers will appear in reverse order, therefore the most recent one will be on top.

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Volume 13, 2019

Title of the Paper: 3D Technology in the Cultural Heritage and Education Context


Authors: Eva Milkova, Martina Manenova, Lenka Chadimova, Klimis Ntalianis

Pages: 59-64

Abstract: Modern technologies are getting involved in most spheres of human activities, they play an important role also in cultural heritage care. These technologies are used when research into historical reference is carried out, specifically in case of digitaliz

Title of the Paper: Why the Standard Methods, 5GL, Common Platforms and Reusable Components are the Four Pillars of the New Computational Paradigm Programming without Programmers


Authors: Ivan Stanev, Maria Koleva

Pages: 49-58

Abstract: Two important problems concerning software engineering are identified: low efficiency of the software development process, and lack of programmers. Three key components with considerable impact on the software development process, namely the software engi

Title of the Paper: Value-notional Relations of People with Persons with Disabilities in Additional and Alternative Education and in Other Inclusive Social Practices


Authors: Galina A. Stepanova, Anna I. Tashcheva, Tatiana A. Markova, ElenaYu. Shpakovskaya, Oksana V. Tokar, Natalya G. Bazhenova, Mariam R. Arpentieva, Margarita E. Kirichkova

Pages: 41-48

Abstract: The purpose of the article is to study the influence of the value system on the understanding the disability, its consequences, the characteristics of personal and interpersonal relationships, and the lives of people with disabilities. For this purpose, t

Title of the Paper: Supporting the Decision-Making Process in the Planning and Controlling of Engineer Task Teams to Support Mobility in a Combat Operation


Authors: Ota Rolenec, Karel Šilinger, Tibor Palasiewicz, Pavel Žižka

Pages: 33-40

Abstract: The article deals with the possibilities of supporting the decision-making process of the engineer officer in a task force staff during planning the use and controlling of engineer task teams in a combat operation using designed software. Decision support

Title of the Paper: Impact of Stress on Creative Human Resources and Psychological Counseling in Crises


Authors: Gulzhaina К. Kassymova, Oksana V. Tokar, Anna I. Tashcheva, Galina V. Slepukhina, Svetlana V. Gridneva, Natalya G. Bazhenova, ElenaYu. Shpakovskaya, Mariam R. Arpentieva

Pages: 26-32

Abstract: This paper deals with stress, which is a major problem for students throughout the modern world. Stress is a significant problem of our times and affects both the physical and mental health of people. The main objectives are to ascertain the extent to whi

Title of the Paper: Islamic Moderation in Relation to Basic Human Values and the Effect on Online Social Networks Students Motivations


Authors: Adel Bessadok

Pages: 16-25

Abstract: Understanding the motivations of young people’s use of online social networks and the relationship with their human values is still receiving great attention from researchers. Previous studies have shown individuals both within and across societies have c

Title of the Paper: Scientific Issues Treated in the Websites of Jordanian Universities Analytical Study


Authors: Arwa Zabian, Walid Amsha

Pages: 6-15

Abstract: With the spread of Internet the information is becoming available any time anywhere that produces a large quantity of information available to the user in an easy manner. This huge volume of information available is produced at the cost of information qua

Title of the Paper: Internet, Youtube and Informal Learning Among Undergraduate Students


Authors: Usaini Sulaimanu, Okorie Nelson, Chinenye Emejulu, Oyedepo Tunji

Pages: 1-5

Abstract: Undoubtedly, the digital culture has come to stay in human conservationism. The YouTube has emerged as one of those digital platforms of transmitting visual educational and entertainment contents ranging from the simplest to the complex with over 2 billio