International Journal of Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences

ISSN: 1998-0140
Volume 13, 2019

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Volume 13, 2019

Title of the Paper: Solution of Radiation and Scattering Electromagnetic Problems in Cartesian, Spherical and Cylindrical Coordinates by Green's Function Method


Authors: Sergey Knyazev, Boris Panchenko, Sergey Shabunin

Pages: 1-6

Abstract: The method of Green’s functions for layered magneto-dielectric structures with arbitrary extraneous electric and magnetic currents is described. Application peculiarities of the method for Cartesian, cylindrical and spherical coordinate system are under consideration. The equivalent circuit approach is applied for layered structures description. Transmitting matrices are used for wave propagation modelling in each layer and through boundaries between layers. It is shown that the boundary transmitting matrix for flat and spherical structures is equal to the unit matrix. Different kinds of loads are used for region boundaries modelling. Suggested method with transmitting matrices allows one to develop universal algorithms with common modules for wave propagation, antennas radiation and scattering problems associated with flat, cylindrical and spherical structures of any number of layers, arbitrary permittivity and permeability. As an example, the problem of minimizing the reflection from a perfectly conducting surface with a two-layer cover using the Green’s functions method is considered.