International Journal of Systems Applications, Engineering & Development

ISSN: 2074-1308
Volume 13, 2019

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Volume 13, 2019

Title of the Paper: Prevention of Work Accidents and Occupational Risk


Authors: Dumitrascu A. E.

Pages: 15-19

Abstract: In the present paper are detailed the processes for identifying the risk factors, assessing and prioritizing the specific professional risks in order to identify and establish measures meant to protect the health and ensure the safety of the workers. The case study refers to the identification of the professional risk factors specific to the analyzed process, their quantification, monitoring and control in order to prevent occupational accidents and diseases. The results of the assessment indicate that the estimated level of risk for the three components of the analyzed system of work generates risks of occupational and professional health that exceed the acceptable level.

Title of the Paper: Access of Visually Impaired People to Cultural and Historical Heritage using Braille Visualization


Authors: D. Karastoyanov, N. Stoimenov

Pages: 10-14

Abstract: The paper presents a new technology for access of visually impaired people to graphical information using Braille display. In the state of the art are shown different existing devices, realized ideas and conceptual models. The technology for graphical Braille display on the base of linear electromagnetic micro drives is shortly described. Previous experience of the team is shown, including tactile tiles representing tapestries of “Pavia Battle 1525”. Future steps for development of the described above Braille display technology are considered.

Title of the Paper: Measurements of Particle Emissions and Size Distributions from a Modern Residential Pellet Stove under Laboratory Conditions


Authors: M. Obaidullah, S. Bram, J. De Ruyck

Pages: 1-9

Abstract: This paper presents experimental results of particle emissions obtained from a modern bottom feed pellet stove of 5 kW output in nominal heat and 2.5 kW in part load output using a state of the art instrument Electrical Low Pressure Impactor Plus (ELPI+) with the fourteen stages from 6 nm to 10 µm. The combustion experiments were conducted in a stove manufacturing plant in the southern part of Belgium. Two experiments (A and B) in part load and four experiments (C, D, E and F) in nominal load output were conducted for the emissions measurements. The stove was operated in different fan speeds, which regulate air flow into the combustion chamber. The particle emission results include of mass concentrations of two size fractions PM1 and PM2.5, number concentrations and their particle size distributions evaluated in this paper. The experimental results show that the PM1, PM2.5 and particle number concentrations vary from one experiments to another due to the difference of fuel consumption, different fan speed settings of the screw, which regulate air flow into the combustion chamber. Particle mass size distributions analysis show that all the experiments have maximum particle concentrations in the fine mode mainly at the particle size about 320 nm for the startup and combustion phase and 300 nm for the burnout phase. Particle number size distributions analysis show that the peak particle concentration was observed for all the experiments between 25 nm to 70 nm for startup phase, 70 nm to 100 nm for the combustion phase and 20 nm to 80 nm for the burnout phase.