International Journal of Materials

ISSN: 2313-0555
Volume 6, 2019

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Volume 6, 2019

Title of the Paper: Durability of GCB Concrete Exposed to Sea Water Sulphates in the Region of Jijel – Algeria


Authors: A. Boumehraz M. A., B. Mellas M., C. Goudjil K., D. Boucetta F.

Pages: 1-7

Abstract: Significant deterioration has been observed on marine structures in the Jijel region, due to the low quality of the concrete produced and the aggressive nature of the external environment. The aim of this work is to study on concrete durability the grooved cubic blocks (GCB) immersed in the seawater near the North West pier of the port of DjenDjen under the effect of sulphates. On will retrieving cores from GCB immersed in sea water for 25 years at DjenDjen and the results obtained will compare with control specimens. Based on this study, it was concluded that the GCB concrete exhibited weak mechanical characteristics compared to the control specimens concrete, and a relatively slow penetration of the aggressive agents; as well as a significant reduction in compressive strength by 45 % of cores; and by 7 % for speed of sound at the age of 25 years. At the same age the carbonation depth test reached to 117.00 mm.