Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Primaries including Additive, Subtractive and Medials
Secondary and tertiary colour
Watercolour equipment
The Munsell System
Pastel tints and shades
Colour mixing to graded scales
Textures and reflections
Colour and safety in industry
Colour for non-residential applications
Sketchbook studies.
Spatial Relationships
Construction and Proportion
The Golden Section
Light and Optical Illusion
Illuminated Space Studies
The Scheme
Sketchbook studies
Materials and their use
Drawing practice
Ink drawing
Scale drawing
Orthographic, Axonometric, Isometric and Oblique projection
Drawing office practice for representing details on drawings
Presentation drawing
One- and Two-Point Perspective drawing
An Introduction to CAD (Computer-Aided Design)
Sketchbook studies.
Elements and principles of design
Natural materials - stone, wood, slate etc
Synthetic materials - brick, glass, plastics, etc
Applied materials - wallpapers, paints, murals etc
Soft furnishings - textiles, carpets, curtains etc
Properties and suitability of materials
Cataloguing and storage of samples, brochures etc
Dealing with suppliers and manufacturers
Measuring Rooms and Estimating Materials Quantities
Sketchbook studies