Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Planning, development and management of Forests, Mountains, Valleys and Volcanoes
Forest Fires
Detection, monitoring and response systems
Decision support systems related to Forests, Mountains, Valleys and Volcanoes
Resource optimization related to Forests, Mountains, Valleys and Volcanoes
Risk and vulnerability assessment
Computational methods and experiments
Air quality and health risks
Environmental impact
Emergency response systems
Human behaviour and education
Economic impact
Landscape planning and design
Urbanization of rural areas
Architectural issues
Cultural heritage issues
Waste management
Case studies
Management of Forests, Mountains, Valleys and Volcanoes
Sustainable urban tourism
Climate change effects
Energy policies
Energy and the environment
Energy analysis
Regional planning
Geographical Information Systems
Mechanics in Volcanoes
Natural materials and processes
Competition in nature
Biological engineering
Self-sustaining environments
Impact of food production on the environment
Contamination of food
Food processing issues
Traceability and temperature control
Characterization of food plants
River and watershed management
River basin management
Flood studies
Hydrological modelling
River restoration and environmental impact
Water resources management
Water quality
Erosion and sediment transport