Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Agricultural Resources
Governance and Ecology
Business and Globalisation
Environment and Health
Environment and Pollution
Environment and Sustainable Development
Environment and Waste Management Environment
Workplace and Employment
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Policy
and Decision Making
Environmental Technology and Management
Global Energy Issues
Global Environmental Issues
Global Warming
Green Economics
Hydrology Science and Technology Innovation and Sustainable Development
Liability and Scientific Enquiry
Low Radiation
Nuclear Desalination
Ocean Systems Management
Postharvest Technology and Innovation
Renewable Energy Technology
Policy and Sustainable Development
Sustainable Design
Sustainable Development and Sustainable Economy
Sustainable Manufacturing
Sustainable Society
Sustainable Chemistry
Sustainable Economics
Sustainable Strategic Management
Water Resources
Progress in Industrial Ecology
Alternative Propulsion
Energy Technology and Policy Exergy
Global Warming
Mining and Mineral Engineering
Nuclear Energy Science and Technology
Nuclear Hydrogen Production and Applications
Gas and Coal Technology
Petroleum Engineering
Power and Energy Conversion
Power Electronics
Renewable Energy Technology
Business and Globalisation
Business Innovation and Research
Culture and Management
Complexity in Applied Science and Engineering Entrepreneurial
Venturing Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
Entrepreneurship and Small Business
Foresight and Innovation Policy
Globalisation and Small Business
Innovation and Learning
Innovation and Regional Development
Innovation and Sustainable Development
Knowledge-Based Development
Management and Enterprise Development
Mobile Network Design and Innovation
Postharvest Technology and Innovation
Quality and Innovation
Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Policy and Sustainable Development
Technological Learning
Innovation and Development
Transitions and Innovation Systems
Work Innovation