Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

A) Structural Engineering
Reinforced Concrete Engineering
Metal Structures Engineering
Laboratory for Earthquake Engineering
Statics and Anti-seismic Engineering

B) Transportation Planning and Engineering
Transportation analysis of people and goods
Planning land, air and sea transportation systems
Environmental and economic impact assessment of transportation projects
Traffic flow
Service levels
Metropolitan networks
Highway transportation control systems
Transportation infrastructure, roads, intersections
Traffic control
Railways, airports, harbours
Public transportation and parking
Design, construction, operation, maintenance and safety

C) Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
Fluid Mechanics; Surface, groundwater and maritime hydraulics
Engineering hydrology; Development and management of water resources
Hydraulic works; Dams; Hydropower plants
Ports, coastal and offshore engineering
Ecology; Sanitary engineering; Pollution and protection of the aquatic environment

D) Geotechnical Engineering
Subsurface investigations, laboratory studies of the mechanical behavior of soils and rocks under static and dynamic loading, in situ measurements of soil and rock parameters.
Ground water flow.
Modelling of the mechanical behavior of soils and rocks
Engineering behavior of rock formations and geological strata
Slope stability analysis. Stability and deformation analysis of retaining structures
Design, analysis and construction of foundations of buildings, dams, roads, etc
Dynamic behavior of soils, foundations and other geotechnical structures
Soil-structure interaction under static and seismic loading conditions
Seismic behavior of underground structures, quay walls, bridge piers
Analytical and numerical methods for the solution of problems in soil mechanics, foundation engineering and soil dynamics
Analysis of geotechnical failures, with emphasis on earthquake-induced failures
Protection and restoration of the geoenvironment
Engineering geology and hydrogeology in karst environments
Geotechnical description and behavior of unstable masses as applied to tunneling and dam construction

E) Planning and Construction Management
Construction equipment. Analysis of construction operations for the calculation of resource productivity and the associated unit costs. Construction methods. Management of construction equipment. Construction site layout and organisation. Time & cost planning and scheduling of construction activities. Construction management. Construction cost estimating & tendering. Monitoring and controlling of construction activities. Management, productivity and human factors in construction projects. Quality of construction projects. Health & Safety of construction works. Simulation / modeling of construction operations. Operational Research & decision making. Economic evaluation of construction projects. Applications of IT & telecommunications in construction management. Innovative construction management methods & techniques.)