Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Ecological Assessment of  Environmental Systems
Technologies for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Mitigation
Statistical Analysis for Ecological and Environmental Systems
Spatial Information Technologies
Hydrological Informatics for Wetland Systems
Carbon-Nitrogen Processes in Wetland Systems
Risk Assessment of Wetland Systems
Environmental Policy Analysis
Wetland Utilization and Management
Ecological Informatics for Wetland systems
Analysis of Ecological Water Demand
Modelling for Ecological and Environmental Systems
Interdisciplinary Studies of Ecological and Environmental Informatics
Ecological and Environmental Information Technologies
Wetland Degradation and Ecological Restoration
Environmental and Ecological  Risk Assessment
Simulation and Optimization of Ecosystems
Informatics of Biodiversity in Wetland Systems
Management of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Planning of Urban Ecological Systems
Environmental Information Management
Decision Analysis for Ecological and  Environmental Management
Other Areas of Environmental Systems Science and Information Technology
Analytical and Monitoring Technologies for Environmental Informatics Studies
Artificial Intelligence for Ecological and Environmental Studies
Computer Graphics for Environmental Decision Support
Ecological and Environmental Geomatics
Geographical Analysis for Urban and Regional Development