Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Environmental design
Green infrastructure
Landscape urbanism
New Urbanism
Regional Planning
Smart City
Sustainable urban drainage systems
Transit-Oriented Development
Historic preservation
Architecture preservation
Anthropology- Archaeology -sociology preservation
conflict resolution
Public history
Heritage management
Renewable energy technologies
-First-generation technologies
-Second-generation technologies
-Third-generation technologies
Energy efficiency
Nuclear power
Technical sustainability of nuclear power
Green energy
Green sources
Comparison to non-green sources
Purchasing green energy through the electrical grid
International standards
Local green energy systems
Green vehicle
Green vehicle Consumption
Green vehicle technology,
Green Car resources
Green Buildings
Green Structures
Structures (Buildings, bridges, Ships) with the minimum disturbance of the environment
Green Measurements
Green Development
Ecological Problems
Sustainability and Population
Global human impact on biodiversity
Environmental management
Management of human consumption
Economic dimension
Decoupling environmental degradation and economic growth
Nature as an economic externality
Economic opportunities and Social dimension
Peace, security, social justice
Human settlements
Human relationship to nature