Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Renewable Energy Sources and Technology
Power Generation
Power Plants
Distributed Generation
Energy Conversion and Conservation
Solar Power
Photovoltaic Energy
Solar Panels
Wind Energy
Ocean Energy
Tidal Power
Thermal Power
Hydrogen Energy
Fuel Cells
Hybrid Systems and Vehicles
Power System Planning and Management
Reliability and security
Dynamic transient stability and voltage stability
Electromagnetic transient evaluations
Insulation co-ordination
Transmission & distribution equipment
Generator Protection and Control
Parallel Operation of Generators
Corporate planning and management
Alternative energy systems
Environmental issues
Electricity pricing and transactions
Power market
Power Switching,
Power Factor Compensation and Conditioning,
Capacitor Switching Techniques
Electric machines
Electric Vehicles
Generalized Electric Machines
Electric Vehicles
Batteries and Battery Chargers
Impacts of battery rechargement on distribution systems
Fuel cell vehicles
Hybrid vehicles
Environmental issues and impacts
High Voltage Engineering
Protection Systems
Grounding Systems
Control Relays
Distance Protection in High Voltage Transmission
Load and energy forecast
Voltage Disturbance Computations
Power Quality in Distribution
Power Quality Economics
Power Quality Standards
Transmission and Distribution
Transmission Planning
Transmission Protection
High-Voltage Transmission
HVDC Transmission
Power Electronics Applications,Transformers
Motors and Drives
Substation Distribution Automation
Circuit Breakers
SF6 Technology in Arc Quenching
CB Tripping Releases and Mechanisms
Power Engineering Education
Environment and sustainable development
Sustainable management
Indoor Air Quality in Offices and Houses
Quality of water
Global change
climate and biodiversity
Sustainable marine ecosystems
Climate and global change
Advanced Marine research
Research on Natural hazards
Cleaner energy systems
Renewable energy Systems
Combined Heat and Power Systems
Combustion and gasification
Energy Storage
Materials Chemistry
Hydrogen energy production
storage and transmission
Fuel Cells
Biomass an Bio-energy
Wind energy and wind resources
Solar Energy Systems
Cogeneration Systems
Distributed generation systems
Energy conservation and generation
Distributed generation
embedded generation
Industrial Gas Turbines and Microturbines
Energy conservation in Industry
Economic and efficient energy systems
Socio-economic aspects of energy
Energy technology transfer
Oceanographic laser remote sensing
Applied thermodynamics and Eco-informatics
Thermodynamics of Ecosystems
Environmental management
Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering
Air pollution and its effects on ecosystems
Cost reduction and less emission
Coasts and Seas
Sustainability indicators
Environmental risk
Science and the humanities
Soil and agricultural issues
Impact on society
the economy and employment
Sustainable Process Model
Strategic Management
Natural resources management
Feasibility Analysis
Refurbishment Investment Appraisal
urban design and cultural heritage
Nuclear Energy and Environmental Protection
Socio-economic and infrastructure issues
International strategy for energy
development and environment
Education on Energy and Environment
Organisational Behaviour
Group Dynamics
Organisational Design
Business Management
Financial Management
Financial Accounting
Decision Analysis
Production and Operations Management
Project Management
Human Resources Management
Quality Management
Business Process Reengineering
Business Design and Business Strategy
Managerial Accounting
Multinational Business Design and Development
Business Ethics
Risk Management and Risk Analysis
Production and Logistics
Security Problems
Manufacturing and Logistics
Integrated Manufacturing Systems
Production Control
Control Systems
Diagnosis and Maintenance
Real-Time Systems
Large Scale Systems
Hierarchical Systems
Man-Machine Integration
Manufacturing Systems
Concurrent Engineering
Lean/Agile/Virtual Manufacturing
Electronic Commerce
Digital Marketing
Digital Libraries Administration
Virtual Reality
Virtual and Extended Enterprises
Business Law
Legal Aspects of Electronic Transactions
Security and Electronic Payment Systems
Strategic Inventory Control and Warehousing
Public Finance
Policies to Increase Economic Growth
Labor Economics
International Trade
Natural Resources and the Environment
National and International Monetary Economics
Regional Economics
Taxation and Government Expenditure
Stock Exchange Analysis and Prediction
Health Economics
Labor Economics
Agriculture Economics
Managerial Economics
Economics of Energy Systems
Economics of Transportation Systems
Political Sciences
Crisis Management
Cooperations of Companies
Banking Sector
History of Economics and Business Science