Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Sociological Issues in perpetual education
Corporate Training
Collaborative Learning, Collaborative Education
Computers in perpetual education
Online Degree Programs (Credit and Non-Credit)
Computer-Assisted Learning and Instruction
Technology and Human Resource Issues
Continuing Education
Distance Learning and Distance Teaching
Continuous Collaboration of Industry and Education
Policy and Law
National Collaboration and Projects
Ubiquitous Learning
Perpetual education in developing countries
Economic Issues in perpetual education
Authoring Tools and Methodology
Digital Libraries and Education
Virtual school, Virtual Classroom
Online Universities: Advantages and Disadvantages
Agent-based Educational Technology
Best Practices and Case Studies
Advanced Educational Software and Hardware
Human-Computer Interfaces
Post-University Education and Training
Perpetual education for the elderly
Distributed Learning Environments
E-Learning and E-Pedagogy