Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Fundamental Theory
Network Theory and Applications
Filter Theory
Nanostructures and nanotechnologies
Molecular Electronics
Molecular Computing
DNA Computing
Circuits and Networks inspired from Biology
Metabolic Networks
Analog, Digital, Mixed-Mode Circuits
Electronics: Components, Devices, Systems
Silicon Devices: Technology, Modeling, Reliability
Optoelectronic Devices
Laser and Optical Systems
Thin Film Technologies
Very Large Scale Integration Systems (VLSI)
Hardware/Software CodesignVery Large Scale Integration Systems (VLSI)
Digital Filters
Highe Level Synthesis
Nonlinear Circuits
Physical Design
Time-Frequency and Wavelet Applications
Modelling and Simulation
CAD Tools
Circuits and Electronics for Data Conversion and S-D Modulation
Capacitor/Current Technoques
Prototype Devices and Measurement
Circuits and Systems for Control and Robotics
Electron Devices for Power Technology
High Voltages and Electric Machines
Device Physics
Physical Design
High-Level Synthesis and Testing
Non-Linear Circuits
Formal Verification
Superconductivity Circuits
Computer-Aided Design
Instrument-Computer Interface
Military Electronics
Electronics for Space exploration
Consumer Electronics
Circuits in Power Technology
Electron Devices for Video Technology
Circuits for Antennas Technology
Electron Devices and Systems for Radar and Sonar Systems
Circuit Models, Electrical and Electronic Measurement
Circuits for Industrial Applications
Circuit models for Electromagnetic Fields
Electronics for Signal Processing and other Applications
Neural Networks
Numerical Analysis and Circuits
Logic Synthesis
Fuzzy Logic and Circuits Design
Circuit Implementation for Fuzzy Systems
Multidimensional Circuits and Systems
Circuit Modelling and Scientific Computing with Applications in Science and Engineering

Systems Theory
Dynamical Systems
Control Systems
Control Engineering
Soft Computing
Artificial Intelligence
Fuzzy Systems, Neural Networks
Genetic Algorithms
Knowledge Modelling
Decision Support Systems
Hierarchical Control Systems
Aerospace Systems
Lightwave Engineering
Stochastic Systems
Non-linear Systems
Telecommunication Systems
Information Systems
Signal Processing Systems
Multidimensional Systems
Multivariable systems
Hybrid Systems
Multirate Systems
Speech and Image Processing Systems
Discrete Event Dynamic Systems
Manufacturing Systems
Decentralised Systems
Remote Sensing
Microelectromechanical Systems
Human-Machine Systems
Environmental Modeling
Sonar and underwater acoustic systems
Undersea Systems
Navigation and Tracking Systems
Space Systems
Systems Techniques for Wireless Applications
Filter design
Verification and Validation
Systems for Statistical Signal and Array Processing
Algorithms and Applications
Finite Elements
Finite Differences
BEM (Boundary Elements Methods)
Computational and Applied Mathematics in general

Microwave Theory and techniques
CAD design for Microwave Systems, Antennas and Radars
Lightwave technology
Submillimeter-Wave techniques
Microwave High-Power techniques
Microwave and millimeter-Wave Integrated Circuits
Microwave and millimeter-Wave Integrated Solid State Devices
Microwave Acoustics
Filter and Passive Components
Microwave and Antennas Measurements
Microwave Superconductivity
Wave-guides, Microwave propagation
Ferrites devices. Cavities. Microwave Circuits
Periodic Structures and Filters
Tubes, Masers, Amplifiers
HF-VHF-UHF Engineering
Reflectors and Lens Antennas
Electromagnetic Compatibility Problems
Applied Electromagnetics
Electromagnetic Field
Numerical Methods for Electromagnetics
Mathematical Methods and Computational techniues for Microwaves
Mathematical Methods and Computational techniues for Antennas and Radars
Radio Engineering applications in Astronomy, Navigation, Aerospace Systems
Low noise techniques
Optical Fiber Systems
Communication Electronics
Signal Processing for Wireless Communication.
Communications Switching and Routing
Physical Layer
Computer Networks
Architectural Aspects
ATM Networks
Network Architecture
Network Reliability
Narrow band and Broad band Networks
Modern Routing Problems
Privacy and Security Problems
Queuing Theory and Communications
Traffic Problems
Wireless and Mobile Computing
Communication Systems Integration
Military Communications
Programming Techniques in Communications Networks
Simulation Techniques in Telecommunications
Software for Communications Development and Simulation
Social Implications of Modern Communications
Soft Computing and Communications
Smart Interfaces
Computer/Communications Integration

Algorithms and Theory of Computation
Artificial Intelligence
Automata and Formal Language Theory
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Computer Networking
Computer Vision
Computer Science Education
Databases, Information Retrieval and Data Mining
Distributed and Parallel Computing
Hardware and Architecture
Human Computer Interaction
Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
Operating, Networked and Storage Systems
Programming languages
Quantum Computing
Real Time and Embedded Systems
Security and Privacy
Scientific Computing
Software engineering
Wireless Sensor Networks
Network Reliability
Military Communications
Programming Languages
High Performance Languages
Operating Systems
Hardware Engineering
Parallel Computing Systems Architectures
Protocols, Routing, Scheduling
Fault Tolerance
Software Evaluation Standards
Distributed Multimedia
Performance Evaluation
Intelligent Systems
Digital Speech Processing
Statistical Methods for Signal Processing
Tele-automatic control
Tele-medicine and medical informatics, Tele-healthcare
Tele-manufacturing systems
Tele-artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence
Computational linguistics
Computer networks
Interconnection Networks
Optical Interconnection Networks
Broadband Networks, Mobile Networks, Network Applications
Computational Biophysics
Computers and Biomedical Engineering
Computers and Automation
Digital Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition
Digital Systems and Computer Architecture
Computational Geometry
Algorithms and Multiplexity
Microprocessors, Microcomputers
Mobile Computing
NETwork Management and Optimal Design
Software Engineering
Computation and Reasoning Laboratory
Knowledge and Data-Base Systems
Software Engineering
Educational Software
Knowledge Engineering
Software Methodologies
Software Requirements
Software Design and Development
Software Maintenance, Software Metrics
Software Testing
Fault Tolerance
Project Management
Intelligent Agents
Cyber-Science and Cyber-Space
Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
Software for Parallel and Distributed Systems
Databases, Data Mining
Data Warehousing
Mathematical Logic and Computers
Image, Video and Internet Technologies
Web-Based Education
Distributed Real Time Systems
Distributed Data Base
Distributed Knowledge-base Systems
Data Mining
Data Warehousing
Computer Applications in Science
Computer Applications in Engineering
Computer Applications in Business, Commerce and Economics
Computer Applications in Earth Sciences, Aerospace and Transportation Science
Computer Applications in Biology, Chemistry, Medicine, Healthcare and Bioengineering
Computer Applications in Acoustics, Music, Speech Processing
Computer Applications in Signal and Image Processing
Computer Applications in Communication
Computer Applications in Arts, Archaeology, Education and Animation
Modelling and Simulation
Law Aspects related to informatics