Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Air pollution modelling
Monitoring and measuring
Air quality management
Indoor air pollution
Aerosols and particles
Emission studies
Air pollution chemistry
Source identification
Global and regional studies
Exposure and health effects
Economics of air pollution control
Policy and legislation
Case studies
Innovative technologies
Air quality and impact on regional to global scales
Air quality and climate interactions and feedback process
Regional and global air quality and impacts on cities
Air quality policy analysis and development
Chemical and physical transformation processes
Development/application of models for local to global scales
Early warning systems
Emission models/inventories
Integrated modelling systems
Enviromental Meteorology
Measurement of air pollutants
Meteorological processes/interactions
Model evaluation studies
Parametrization schemes
Personal exposure to indoor and outdoor air pollution
Environmental and health impact resulting from air pollution
Remote sensing of air quality and satellite data assimilation
Role of aerosols
Sampling techniques/instrumentation
Source apportionment studies
Air quality databases, information systems and data mining/archiving
Wind tunnel/physical modelling