Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Intelligent Networks
Games & Puzzles
Computational Intelligence
Knowledge-intensive problem solving techniques
Artificial Intelligence
Computational Logic
Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Bayesian Networks
Knowledge representation
Distributed AI systems and architectures
Fuzzy logic and soft computing
Automated problem solving
Decision support systems
Soft Computing
Knowledge networks and management
Intelligent Data Mining And Farming
Natural Language Processing
Heuristic searching methods
Intelligent Information Fusion
Constraint-based reasoning and constraint programming
Expert systems
Languages and programming techniques for AI
Neural Computing
Systems & Languages
Software tools for AI
Knowledge acquisition
Social impact of AI
Distributed AI algorithms and techniques
Search and meta-heuristics
Algorithmic Learning
Cognitive Science
Intelligent Agents
Applications/Expert Systems
Integration of AI with other technologies
Logic Programming
knowledge management
Ethical & Social Issues
Evaluation of AI tools
AI and evolutionary algorithms
Multi-sensor data fusion using neural and fuzzy techniques
Brain models / cognitive science
Intelligent Web-Based Business
Neural networks and applications
Knowledge discovery
Intelligent Databases
Learning and adaptive sensor fusion
evolutionary computing
Intelligent Information Systems
Intelligent User Interface
Reasoning strategies
Multi-Agent Systems
Machine Learning