Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Language, Information Sciences, Information Technologies, Software Engineering, Hardware Engineering, Data Bases, Expert Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Engineering, Industrial systems, Autonomic and autonomous systems, Knowledge data systems, Knowledge Mining, Web-based education, E-Activities (E-Commerce, E-Education, E-Health, E-Goverment), Security, Cryptology, Computer Vision, Intelligent Techniques, Computer Logic, Multimedia, Video Systems, Internet Technologies, Signal Processing, Image Processing, Language-Speech processing, Digital Systems Design, Remote Sensing, Quantum Computing, Nano-Computing, DNA Computing and Biologically Inspired Algorithms, Robotics, Computer Vision, Visualization and Virtualization, Computational Intelligence (Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Evolutionary Computing), Cognitive Systems, Systems performance, Networking and Telecommunications, Digital Communications, Applied Electromagnetics (Microwaves, Antennas, Radar, Scattering), Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computation, Algorithms and Complexity, Graph Theory, Parallel and Distributed Systems, Supercomputing, Computers in Education, ICT, Pedagogy, and the Curriculum: Subject to Change, Information and Communication Technologies: Visions and Realities, ICT and Special Educational Needs, New technologies in sport education, Management information systems in education, The Impact of ICT on Literacy Education, Computer-Assisted Instruction, Distance Education, Television and Education, Internet and Education, Internet and Society, Internet and the Law, Internet Privacy, Computers in Transport and Traffic Engineering