Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Planning, development and management
The community and the city
Urban strategies
Landscape planning and design
Urbanization of rural areas
Architectural issues
Cultural heritage issues
Waste management
Case studies
Environmental management
Sustainable energy and the city
Intelligent environments and emerging technologies
Urban metabolism
Waterfront developments
Planning for risk
Quality of life
Infrastructures and social services
Sustainable urban tourism
Vernacular architecture
Planning for natural hazards
Tourism strategies
Tourism as a tool of development
Emergent strategies for tourism development
Environmental issues
Climate change and the effects of natural hazards in tourism
Tourism and protected areas
Art, architecture and culture
Rural tourism
Community involvement
Tourism and the built environment
Renovation of mature destinations
Heritage tourism
Medical tourism
Irrigation management
Irrigation modelling
Irrigation systems and planning
Economic incentives and instruments
Groundwater resources and contamination
Climate change effects
Water trade
Economics of irrigation
Governance for sustainable irrigation
International issues
Water quality and remediation
Water Re-use
Renewable energy technologies
Biomass processes and biofuels
Energy management
Energy policies
Energy and the environment
Energy analysis
Regional planning
City planning
Sustainability in the built environment
Cultural heritage
Environmental management
Resources management
Social and political issues
Rural developments
Sustainable solutions in developing countries
Energy resources
Energy efficiency
CO2 sequestration and storage
Transport modelling and simulation
Urban transport planning and management
Public transport systems
Land use and transport integration
Traffic integration and control
Transport demand analysis
Advanced transport systems
Intelligent transport systems
Safety and security
Safety of users in road evacuation
Computational methods and computational techniques