Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Broadband Access Network and Service
IP Service and Multimedia Service
Mobile Data Service
Network Planning and Optimization
Communication Network Interconnection Issues
Communication Pricing and Billing
Communication Regulation and Deregulation
Traffic Management
Traffic Control
Real-Time Traffic and Quality of Service
3G and 4G Mobile Communication Services
Management & Services
Communication Network Topology & Planning
Digital Broadcasting Technologies and Services
Digital Home Network Technologies
Network Theory & Technologies
Wireless & Mobile Communications and Technologies
Mobile and Wireless Networks
Advanced Wireless Communications Systems
Propagation and Transmission Technologies
Broadband Wireless Access
Evolution from 2G to 2.5G
3G and Beyond
Microwave Devices
Circuits and Systems
Personal Communications
Home Networking
Satellite and Space Communications
Mutliuser detection
Infrastructure for Next Generation Networks
Network Design
Planning and Economics
Network Intelligence
Network Measurements and Testbeds
Next-Generation Internet
Web Performance
Network Protocol
Network Applications & Services
Multimedia and VoIP Services & Technologies
Multimedia Communications
Communications QoS and Reliability
Network Security and Privacy
Enterprise Networking
Network Measurements and Testbeds
Switching & Routing for Gigabit Networks
Gigabit Networks
Switching & Routing
Broadband & ATM Networks
Terrestrial Radio Systems
Mobility (IEEE 802.11 engineering
smart devices)
Wireless Multimedia
Networks and Systems
Wireless IP and Wireless ATM
Cellular and Ad-Hoc Networks
 Information & Communication and Coding Theory
Communication Theory
Information Security
Multimedia Information
Network Reliability
Signal Processing
Traffic Engineering
Digital Signal Processing for Communications
Channel Estimation
Multimedia Signal Processing
Adaptive Antennas
Multirate and Multicarrier communications
Optical Communications
Access Networks
Optical Communication Systems and Networks
Designing and Management of Optical Networks
Photonics and Advanced Networks
Optical Fiber Technology
Optical Switching and Optical Interconnection
Optical Photonic Technologies
Optoelectronic Components
Transmission System and Optical Networking
Passive Optical Networks
Internet Technologies and Communication Software
Communication Software
Network Management and Control
Intelligent Network Theory
Technologies and System
Object and Component Technologies in Communication Software
Systems & Software Engineering Aspects
Portable Internet
Internet Telephony
Electronics Commerce
Mobile Commerce and E-government
Distributed Computing Technologies & Services
Open Programmable Networks and Active Networks
Multimedia & Internet Systems
Services and Standards
Network Management
Operation and Maintenance
Network Management Theory
Network Operations and Management
Communication Protocol Engineering
Web Engineering and Services
Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks
Information theory for wireless ad-hoc & multi-hop networks
Multiple access design
Novel routing strategies in multi-hop networks
Heterogeneous wireless ad-hoc networks
Clustering and cooperative strategies
throughput & delay optimisation strategies
Ubiquitous Sensor Network
Sensor Networks
Implementation issues
Artificial Intelligence
Automated Software Engineering
Bioinformatics and Scientific Computing
Biomedical Engineering
Compilers and Interpreters
Computational Intelligence
Computer Animation
Computer Architecture & VLSI
Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems
Computer Games
Computer Graphics & Virtual Reality
Computer Modeling
Computer Networks
Computer Security
Computer Simulation
Computer Vision
Computer-aided Design/Manufacturing
Computing Ethics
Computing Practices & Applications
Control Systems
Data Communications
Data Compression
Data Encryption
Data Mining
Digital Library
Digital Signal Processing
Distributed Systems
Event Driven Programming
Expert Systems
High Performance Computing
Image Processing
Information Retrieval
Information Systems
Mobile Computing
Multimedia Applications
Natural Language Processing
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Performance Evaluation
Programming Languages
Reconfigurable Computing Systems
Security & Cryptography
Software Engineering & CASE
Technology in Education
Technology Management
Theoretical Computer Science
User Interfaces
Information Theory
Theoretical Computer Science
Mathematical Linguistics
Automata Theory
Cognitive Science
Theories of Qualitative Behaviour
Artificial Intelligence
Intelligent Computational Technologies
Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Computational Intelligence
Soft Computing
Computational Biology and Bio-informatics
Intelligent Systems
Genetic Algorithms and Modeling
Fuzzy Logic and Approximate Reasoning
Artificial Neural Networks
Expert and Decision Support Systems
Learning and Evolutionary Computing
Expert and Decision Support Systems
Learning and Evolutionary Computing
Moleculoid Nanocomputing
Self-adaptation and Self-organisational Systems
Data Engineering
Data Fusion
Information and Knowledge
Adaptive ad Supervisory Control
Discrete Event Systems
Symbolic / Numeric and Statistical Techniques
Perceptions and Pattern Recognition
Design of Algorithms
Software Design
Computer Systems and Architecture Evaluations and Tools
Human-Computer Interface
Computer Communication Networks and Modeling and Computing with Words