Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Sustainable Tourism
Tourism Planning and Modelling
Tourism and Environment
Tourism and Culture
Tourism and Art
Tourism and Civilization
Security Aspects
Urban Tourism, Rural Tourism
Tourism and Transportation
Tourism and Education
Sociological Issues
Cultural Heritage
Archaeological Sites and Excavations
Historical Past
Monuments and Maintenance of monuments
Music and Songs (European Scales and non-European Scales), Dance
Architecture, Sculpture, Literature
Sociological Issues
Art inspired by Nature, Art inspired by Historical Past and/or Religion
Global knowledge economy
Economic development and competitiveness of regions and cities by tourism
Management in Tourism
Urban Areas Development and Sustainability
Real Estate
Protection of Cultural Heritage
Planning, development and management
The community and the city
Urban strategies
Landscape planning and design
Urbanization of rural areas
Architectural issues
Cultural heritage issues
Waste management
Case studies
Environmental management
Sustainable energy and the city
Intelligent environments and emerging technologies
Urban metabolism
Waterfront developments
Planning for risk
Quality of life
Infrastructures and social services
Sustainable urban tourism
Vernacular architecture
Planning for natural hazards
Environmental Economics
Environmental policies and planning
Environmental assessments
Cost benefit analysis
Natural resources management
Rehabilitation assessment
Social issues and stakeholders participation
Decision support systems
Brownfield financial analysis
Risk analysis
Remediation costs
Environmental Toxicology
Air and water pollution
Soil contamination
Ecosystems health
Environmental health risk
Biodegradation and bioremediation
Ecotoxicity of emerging chemicals
Petroleum contamination
Bioaccumulation and biomonitoring
Long term effects
Brownfields rehabilitation
Development issues
Risk assessment and management
Remediation studies and technologies
Community and public involvement
Monitoring of brownfields
Economic analysis
Legislation and regulations
Tourism impact and strategies
Community issues
Changing climate and environment
Transport issues
Natural resources
Energy issues
Risk and safety
Waste management and island services