Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Specialized Concrete Mixes
Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle costs
Implementation of mechanistic-based analysis
Design Software for Concrete Structure
Pre & Post Concreting Factors Affecting Durability
A Concrete in a Sustainable Environment
Acceptance criteria for long-term performance
Strengthening and change of use
Pre-Tensioning, Post- Tensioning & Precast Applications
Marine Structures
Rehabilitation of Waste materials
Pavement preservation and cost-effectiveness
Strategies for durable Concrete Structures and Life Cycle Costs
Innovative Construction Techniques
Concrete Transportation Structures
Effects of Chemicals in Soil and Sea water on Concrete
Light Weight Concrete
Foundations and Soil Improvement
Status of Codes, Implementation in the Region
Use of Recycled & Waste Materials
Alternative Concrete Constituents and Admixtures
Surface texture for friction and noise reduction
Cause and effect of distress development
Life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) and life cycle assessment (LCA)
Corrosion Protection Strategies
Carbon Footprint in Concrete Construction
Design and Construction of High Rise Buildings in GCC
Repair Methods and Techniques
Sustainability of concrete pavements
Alternative Reinforcement materials